Why did not just wake up ?

advices to improve your self wake up

Hey !

In the morning, I have a bad habit of going back to bed or staying in bed after turning off the alarm-clock. All of this happens automatically, i turn off the alarm and get back to sleep. The other scenario is that i wake up, i walk across the room to turn off the second alarm and then i walk back to bed and fall asleep again.

Now i don’t want to start babbling on and on about the cause of this bad habit and all the attempts I’ve tried before to get up in the morning…

Instead i will go straight to my action-plan !

1 Habit: Rise when the alarm goes off and stay up (Perform the 5min waking up routine).

2 Tiny habit: Put on my glasses.

3 Trigger: Turning off the alarm.

4: Reward: Telling myself ”Awesome job, i rock ! go me ! ”

So all in all…

Cue: Turning off the alarm-clock.

Routine 1: Out on glasses,

2:get dressed,

3:stretch out,


5:drink water,


7:splash face,

8:clear nostrils,

9:let in fresh air.

Reward: Tell myself out loud ”awesome job, i rock, go me ! ”

Now, i have a problem. For two weeks i have been putting on my glasses after i turn off the alarm. But after that i usually go back to sleep and snooze.

I have tried to lower the ”getting dressed” part into just ”put on the left sock” but i can’t do it. Either my willpower is too low or i just forget to even try it and i go back to sleep.

What do you propose i do ? I’ve tried to affirm or visualize the routine to myself during the day or just before sleeping in a night but i still lack the willpower or memory to do it when i wake up

I’m thinking about starting to use 5 second rule by Mel Robbins, but even with that the challenges are to remember to do it before falling back asleep again

My brain is in zombie mode when i wake up…

Cheers !

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